Sunday/ Copenhagen sights

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  Yes, the Danes are very friendly and laid-back, and they speak good English.  Watch out for bicycles : they go fast, so do not step into the bike lane or cross it before looking both ways!  The public transport is top notch.  Even the buses have display screens for the routes, and the connections at the next stop.

16040329 sm
This is the Royal Copenhagen flagship store. Officially the Royal Porcelain Factory, it is a manufacturer of porcelain products and was founded in Copenhagen 1 May 1775 under the protection of Queen Juliane Marie.
16040430 sm
This building is on the corner of Studiestraede and Vester Volgade, but I could not immediately find the name of it.
16040431 sm
Porcelain displayed in an antique store.
16040447 sm
The new Axeltorv (Axel Square) towers are still under construction, but makes for quite a visual impact. ‘Copenhagen’s new landmark’ proclaims a sign on the construction fence. To the left is the is a circular building called the Circus Building, completed in 1886 to serve as a venue for circus performances. The last circus to use the building was in 1990, though. It now shows movies.
16040473 sm
Here is another building that I do not know the name of.   I see the beautiful spires from a few blocks away, and then I just have to walk there and check out the building up close!
16040491 sm
This is the view from my 8th floor room in the Marriott Hotel on Kalvebod Brygge (literally “Kalvebod Quay”), a waterfront area in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen.
16040494 sm
I don’t have plans to go to the Copenhagen Zoo, but I love this bus, especially the polar bear.
16040500 sm
This is the main entrance to Tivoli Gardens : a famous amusement park and garden. The park opened in 1843 and is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world, after Dyrehavsbakken in nearby Klampenborg. It is still pretty chilly outside (45 F/ 6 C), but there were some brave souls out there on the swings, the roller coasters and dive bomber.
16040558 sm
Here is Hans Christian Andersen’s statue, looking toward the Tivoli gardens. He was a Danish author, a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, but best remembered for his fairy tales.
16040559 sm
The Scandic Palace Hotel is gorgeous. Check out the gold trim on the balcony rails. [From Wikipedia] Influenced by the Art Nouveau style, the red brick building was designed by Anton Rosen and completed in 1910.
16040563 sm
Here is a close-up of the copper-clad trumpeter statue in the previous picture. They stand on a pedestal in front of the Scandic Palace Hotel.
16040583 sm
This little gazebo-style tower is on Nytorv (English: New Square or New Market) – a public square in the centre of Copenhagen. It serves up Carlsberg beer. The tourist season is not yet in full swing (it has to get a little warmer first!), so the outside spaces are still empty and quiet.
16040586 sm
Care for a Danish butter biscuit? Might that be Margrethe II (queen of Denmark), deployed in the window displat? Probably not!
16040591 sm
Here is the clock tower of the Copenhagen City Hall (Danish: Københavns Rådhus).
16040597 sm
This is the rooftop of the Copenhagen City Hall. Check out the incredible detail in the coat of arms and the copper-clad figures
16040598 sm
Here is a Tesla that I spotted, actually making a very illegal U-turn. Hmm. The building in the background is the rebuilt (2013) headquarters of The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI). It houses several companies that do industrial design work. At night the white segments light up in patterns and in different colors.
16040612 sm
This is ‘The Crystal’ (completed 2001), the headquarters of Nykredit Bank. The founding of the bank date back to 1851, but this year in February 2016 Nykredit faced public outrage among their customers due to significantly increased service fees.

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