Friday/ the Relativity Express

Check out the pages from my Time-Life Science Library book that I bought for $7 from Amazon.   I remember the book from when I was growing up, and I wanted it especially for the explanation of the effects of relativity, illustrated by a fantastical train called the Relativity Express and the doings of the evil Agent X.   The Relativity Express will get you there in a flash : it travels at  ¾ the speed of light !

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  1. Thanks very much for this! I too had this book as a kid and was telling my son about it and trying to find this cartoon strip. This was a great book and series. Enjoy your copy! -Tom.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I also had fond memories of this, and was so happy to find it to show my young son, who is interested in relativity.

      1. Thanks for these! The Life Science Library series has some great illustrations about how stuff works.

        I’m trying to look for some cartoons in the same series that looks at the history & invention of flight. One of the cartoons look like this:

        May I know which volume is it?

        1. I am afraid I cannot help you. It might be in the Time-Life Science Library volume called ‘Flight’. (I don’t have that book).

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