Saturday/ arrival in Copenhagen

I am spending a few days in Copenhagen* before heading west, home.  The flight from Frankfurt to Copenhagen this morning was just an hour, but it took a while to get here : there was trouble with the on-board computer of the incoming plane, and another one had to be found.

*I thought I would check up on ‘The World’s Happiest Country’ .. as Denmark is frequently referred to when ‘happiness indexes’ are compiled.

IMG_4160 sm
This is 7 am this morning and I am sitting in an express train headed for Frankfurt Flughafen (Airport). The train is a world unto its own : comfortable seating, a lot of bike and luggage space, toilet on the far right, and wi-fi as well.
IMG_4204 sm
(it was raining in Frankfurt as well). We’re stepping out to the Airbus 320 from SAS that will take us to Copenhagen. I like the red paint on the jet engine!
IMG_4206 sm
Denmark is a land with a lot of islands .. first sighting of land as we come in to land at Copenhagen.
IMG_4213 sm
Here’s my welcome! sign. Hej! is actually pronounced much the same as ‘Hi!’ the way we say the greeting in English.
IMG_4222 sm
And here’s the gorgeous steel pillars and roof of the Copenhagen main train station, shown as København H on maps. The train station opened in 1911, and is the work of architect Heinrich Wenck.  I took the Metro Light Rail to Norreport station, and the S-tug (S-train) to the main station. 
IMG_4169 sm
Finally, here’s a nod to the quadrennial (400th) anniversary of William Shakespeare’s passing away with The Spiegel’s cover. ‘The Terror Expert : Power, murder and morals : the astonishing current world of William Shakespeare’, says the subtitle. In other words. the world has not changed much since Shakespeare wrote about all of those.

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