Friday/ in Frankfurt

IMG_4064 sm
I dropped off my rental car at a wet Cape Town airport. This is the main arrivals and departure lounge. It started raining in Cape Town on Thursday, with more in the forecast for Friday.
IMG_4066 sm
Hello there! I’m looking up at a life-size giraffe with its head in the tree leaves, at the Out of Africa gift store at Cape Town airport.
IMG_4070 sm
An African mask .. these are likely from a country in West Africa or North Africa.
IMG_4079 sm
Alright! We’re finally boarding the Boeing 777 from Air France. I had a ‘Premium Economy’ seat with a little more width and leg room.

I made it into Frankfurt.  We left Cape Town more than an hour late, after midnight.

IMG_4092 sm
From the flight tracker on the Cape Town – Paris flight. We are leaving Africa and starting to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

We arrived into Paris some 11 hours later, shortly after noon on Friday.  From there, the Hop! Embraer 190 commuter jet took us to Frankfurt.

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