Sunday/ in Chicago, Pittsburgh bound

It takes all Sunday to get from Seattle to Pittsburgh : there are no direct flights!  (Boo! to the airlines). So I got up early this morning for an 8.15 am flight and have made it into Chicago’s O’Hare airport.  It’s another hour or so before I will go on to Pittsburgh and I will arrive there at 7.30pm.   Pittsburgh is on East coast time, so the time zone change moves the clock forward by three hours.

O’Hare airport is northwest of the city of Chicago.


This is the underground pedestrian tunnel connecting my arrival concourse (C) with concourse B for my flight to Pittsburgh.
And here is the industrial-style skylights of terminal B. Have you spotted the dinosaur, or its skeleton, then? It’s a Brachiosaurus altithorax. This one lived 150 million years ago in what is today Utah and Colorado.





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