Monday/ Pennsylvania politics

We don’t see any Tea Party political ads in Washington State – we’re a blue state and an Republican hoping to win office had better position himself more or less in the middle (left is liberal and right is conservative in American politics).   But here in Pennsylvania’s Senate race, incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr. is running for re-election to a second term against Republican nominee Tom Smith.  Tom Smith is for (see a flat tax code with no loopholes, for reducing annual spending to 20% of GDP (that is a massive reduction, given that the US is almost at 40% of GDP), for ‘ending oppressive regulation that suffocates growth and kills jobs, for energizing our future (mostly by producing more oil and using coal) and for reducing health care (repeal Obamacare) and Social Security.

Republican/ Tea Party candidate Tom Smith in a TV commercial running on local television. Balanced budget amendment is a reference to change the US Constitution, so that the country stops running deficits. He is also for a flat tax with no loopholes.
Here’s a teacup with Tom Smith on it, from a political TV ad from Senator Bob Casey.


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