Saturday/ dishwasher guts and glory

I am not much of a handyman, but I am lucky enough to have a friend who is !  – Bryan :). So we thought we’d take a crack at it with a Google search for ‘asko dishwasher D1760’ and see if someone out there had run into a problem similar to what I have.   The dishwasher fills up and starts washing, but then fails to complete the wash cycles and does not get to the rinse cycle.  To make a long story short, a combination of the symptoms and taking a look at what’s going on underneath the washer pointed to a valve and controller that failed.   I ordered the part on-line.  It arrived after a few days, we put it in, and voila! it fixed the problem.

Here’s the offending part. It had a much cheaper price on one website compared to another ($66 vs $168). I ordered the $66 part .. looks like it’s been used already, which explained the price difference. But hey, it works.
Here’s the valve-and-controller part installed. The water from the house’s plumbing comes in through the tubing covered with the silver coat (on the right), goes through the valve and goes out at the back into the dishwasher.


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