Friday/ are the job numbers red or blue?

.. the surprising 7.8% September unemployment rate for the USA, that is.  Scarcely were they out, or ex-General Electric CEO Jack Welch (and very obviously a Republican) accuses the Obama Administration of interfering with the Bureau of Labor Statistics!  Quite outrageous, his claim, and dismissed by just about everyone.

Jack Welch’s tweet cam out just 5 minutes after the September job numbers were released.  While interviewed by Chris Matthews from MSNBC, he admitted he had absolutely no evidence of any interference from the Administration with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (That would be a scandal of epic proportions).
‘Grandpa Simpson’ says the numbers are fake, too. From the website at
From the New York Times : here is the way Republicans have viewed the unemployment numbers, and will no doubt continue to view it.
Also from the New York Times : the way Democrats view the unemployment numbers. So .. are you wearing blue glasses, or red ones?


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