Thursday/ clash of the database titans

It is not only statements from the Presidential debate last night that are getting fact-checked.   Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has made some contentious statements at the Oracle OpenWorld 2012 conference this week, disparaging SAP ‘s latest technology called SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance).

From Vishal Sikka’s blog at–sap-hana-v-exadata-x3  :  ‘The statement Mr Ellison made about HANA, when talking about the release of a new Exadata machine, that has 4TB of DRAM and 22TB of SSD, is false.  He referred to HANA being “a small machine” with 0.5TB of memory. He said his machine has 26TB of memory, which is also wrong (SSD is not DRAM and does not count as memory, HANA servers also use SSDs for persistence)..

.. the largest HANA system deployed so far is the 100-node system built earlier this year with Intel and IBM.  It has 100TB of DRAM and 4000 CPU cores.  Mr. Ellison is welcome to come to Santa Clara and see the system working himself, with workloads from several customers’.

SAP’s full-page ad that appeared in the Wall Street Journal this week, firing back at Oracle’s claim that SAP has a ‘small’ in-memory database (compared to Oracle).


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