Saturday/ Stanley Market

We decided to get out of the city and go check out Stanley Market.   Stanley is a fishing village on the southern side of Hong Kong island.   To get there, one takes the island line on the MTR to the east most station and then hop on a little 16-seater minibus.  The drive to Stanley is along steep hillsides with lots of curves.  (Marked A on the Google map shot, and shown on the billboard on location there).  The first set of pictures were all taken there.  The temple is Tin Hau temple.   It think the picture of the sea is Repulse Bay, and check out the curved building overlooking it.   It was a very nice trip – the flea market is nothing different from what we’ve seen other places in Hong Kong, but it’s fun to get there and walk around.  I’m sure it’s packed in summer.

Then we went back to get some lunch in Soho, and went tea-shopping.   Expensive tea, not the stuff you buy off the shelf in the supermarket.   Ying Kee Tea Co. is on Queen’s Road in Central.   They sell tea that goes up to US$ 500 for 100g ! Yikes.    Some is sold loose leaf, others sold in big wheels of tea cakes.    The Year of the Rabbit is still on the way (starts early Feb) but I cannot resist snapping pictures of the rabbits in the city.

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  1. Hey, Willem,

    I had lunch at the Stanley Market a couple of weeks ago, and ended up buying a battery remote controlled model helicopter that actually flies quite nicely, except when I crash it into the wall or something else.


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