Friday/ Lan Kwai Fong

Three of us from work made it into Hong Kong on the company bus but we had many delays : waiting for someone before leaving, a random check by police at one of the toll plazas, traffic in Hong Kong.  So it took almost 4 hrs to get here!

We had a nice dinner  in the Soho area next to Lan Kwai Fong (in Central district on Hong Kong Island and also  party central for the expats).  That’s where we found ‘Elvis’, in a 7-11 store.  The Stella Artois billboard overlooks the main raod going down.  The Ice Vodka Bar has a freezer room where one is handed fur coats to wear while you have your vodka!   Yes, that’s a rabbit between the red lanterns.   And back in the hotel room there was a mean game of championship ping pong on the go on one of the TV channels.   That tiny table top might as well be a tennis court the way they play.


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