Monday/ to San Francisco, Embarcadero

San Francisco Bay was foggy this morning, and so our flight down was delayed by an hour.  (I start on another new project this week).  The summer crowds at the airport are thinning out, but still lots of families traveling.  Next to me on the flight was a dad and his 6 or 7-year old son.  The kid pulled a big stuffed elephant and a teddy bear out of his backpack as he settled into his seat, and then he was ready to go.

IMG_6772 sm2
We had just arrived at SFO’s International Terminal. This very purple plane is from Wow! the low-fare airline from Iceland, offers direct flights to Reykjavik, for as low as $399 return.
IMG_6776 sm
This is the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Embarcadero Station, my stop from the airport.  The BART platform is the one all the way down, and that is a Muni train approaching on the right. If San Francisco was in Germany, the BART platform would be the S-bahn (the regional train), and the Muni line would be the U-bahn (the city’s underground train).


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