Tuesday/ street car to the office

IMG_6788 sm
Here’s my fancy Japanese ‘bento’ box lunch that I bought in the Ferry Building in the Embarcadero.
IMG_6780 sm
My street car to the office this morning was built in 1946. The car’s exterior commemorates Washington DC, which operated PCC streetcars from 1937 to 1962. The car was acquired by San Francisco’s Muni from New Jersey Transit, Newark, NJ, in 2004.

I’m staying in the Marriott at Fisherman’s Wharf here in San Francisco .. so I can take the Line F street car to the office in the morning, and back again in the evening.

The weather here is cool, some 55°F/ 12°C in the mornings.  I was ready and like a good ‘boy scout’ checked the weather forecast before I came out here and packed my thicker jacket.

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