Sunday/ more new construction

.. and here are a few more pictures, these from my trip today to the camera store in South Lake Union.  (The body of water visible at the top of the frame in the map in Saturday’s post).

IMG_5921 sm
The camera store is called Glazer’s (the red on the ground floor), part of the 8th Ave & Republican apartment complex.
IMG_5919 sm
This is the patio of Sam’s Tavern* (hmm, with very modern – lighting? overhead. Will have to go check it out at night). *When I hear ‘tavern’, I think of a very old, cozy brick pub in Europe.
IMG_5924 sm
Hey, and if you’re lucky enough as a brick building to still stand after all the demolition, at least your lettering gets a refresh, as on this one. So this building has been around since at least 1921, and maybe that is why it was saved.

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