Friday/ a lot of work, a lot of waste 🍃🍃

Happy Friday.

‘Are we too old (for doing) this sh–?’ inquired the old-timer next to us,
while also unloading lots of yard waste from his truck into the bay at the North Transfer Station.
‘Yes— we are!’ said I.

North Transfer Station (aka ‘The Dump’) in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood is a facility open to the public, designed to handle many kinds of waste efficiently and safely, while providing many opportunities to bring in materials and items for recycling, as well.

Thanks to Bryan for all his help today 🤗
This is the 240 lbs (108 kg) of yard waste that we had just dumped at the Transfer Station. There are leaves and shoots clipped from my laurel hedge, as well as a few branches and twigs, from two trees.

Tuesday/ a crescent moon🌙

We had 97°F  (36°C) here in the city of Seattle today, record for this day on the calendar.
The sunny weather and clear skies will persist, but the high should come down by some 10°F (5.5°C) tomorrow.

Picture posted by Ted S. Warren @tedswarren on X. (I reduced the pixel size of the picture).
He says: ‘Thanks to a great heads-up from @NWSSeattle Sunday, I was able to get the crescent moon and Mercury in a frame looking west in Idaho’.

Sunday ☀️

The weather forecast now says the heat here in the city will top out on Tuesday at 95°F (35°C).
I like to take a picture or two of my hydrangea’s bloom every summer before the hot weather scorches the little flowers.

My hydrangea is almost in full bloom.
In South Africa, hydrangeas are typically in full bloom in December.
That’s why we call them ‘Krismisrose’ in Afrikaans, which translates to ‘Christmas roses’.

Friday/ hot in the city 🔥

I don’t have an installed sprinkler system for my new lawn, so it’s the oscillating sprinkler or moi with a watering wand in hand that will keep the lawn watered.


It is hot – Seattle ‘hot’ – here in the city this weekend, with 87°F (30°C) today.

The highs are forecast to climb to 94°F (34°C) by Monday.

Wednesday/ here’s the beer 🍻

Happy Wednesday.
Four amigos played a little pickleball late this morning, and afterwards we went for a beer and a bite in Columbia City.

This beer truck was parked across the street.
Some office workers are making it a long weekend, with the Fourth of July holiday falling on a Thursday this year.

Sunday/ back to the city 🛳

Our weekend on Kitsap Peninsula was over, and we took the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry to get back to the city late this morning.

The Agate Pass Bridge (steel truss bridge built in the 1950s) on Highway 305 connects Kitsap Peninsula with Bainbridge Island.
Here is our departure from the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal. The new overhead pedestrian walkway for walk-on passengers (on the right, middle of picture) opened in February. The seismically safe steel-fortified walkway set on concrete and steel columns replaced a 50-year-old wood-supported walkway.
We could see this seagull’s nest from the ferry (in one of the terminal pillars) but it was hard to see all of the spotted chick/s in the nest.
Approaching the Emerald City and there is the rainbow flag on the Space Needle.
The annual Pride Parade was underway in downtown as we arrived at the Seattle ferry terminal.
This year is the 50th anniversary of the first Pride parade in Seattle in 1974.
🌈 Happy Pride!
A view of the city skyline from the lower car-deck on the ferry.
We sailed on Marine Vessel Tacoma. She is a Jumbo Mark II class ferry, constructed in 1997, and can accommodate 2,500 walk-on passengers and 202 vehicles.

Wednesday/ curbside charging ⚡️

The City of Seattle has set a goal to reduce transportation emissions by a whopping 83% by 2030.
Providing more public charging options for EVs is part of a comprehensive portfolio of transportation electrification investments.

This wood pole charger on 15th Ave East on Capitol Hill is one of the first batch of 24 such chargers that had been installed around the city. These chargers are open to the public, available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved. 
A Tesla supercharger* it is NOT: these are Level 2 EV chargers that can charge at rates up to 9.6 kilowatts (kW). Fast chargers in off-street locations such as parking lots can charge up to 50 or 60 kW. 
*Most V3 Tesla superchargers can charge at rates up to 250 kW.
The charging rate is $0.21/kWh.
Let’s do the math:
For an Electric Vehicle (EV)
To ADD 30 mi of range to a small EV, it takes about 1 hr of charging at 9.6 kWh.
Therefore $0.21/kWh x 9.6 kW x 1hr comes to $2.02.
For an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)
In Seattle, gas is close to $5/gal.
Let’s say a compact ICE car gets 30 mpg.
To ADD 30 mi of range to the ICE car, it would need 1 gallon.
Therefore 1 gallon x $5/ gal comes to  $5.00.

Tuesday/ mild weather ☀️

There were more scenes of devastation from flooding, and from damaging winds, in the Midwest, on the news tonight.
We are counting our blessings here in the Pacific Northwest, thankful for the mild summer weather we have had so far.
There was a high of 79 °F (26 °C) today, and temperatures will only reach 70°F (21 °C) tomorrow.

Here’s 7.42 pm today with 15th Ave East up ahead, on Capitol Hill.
Look at the blue sky reflected from the parked cars.
Sunset is still some 90 minutes away, now at 9.11 pm.

Saturday/ new digs 🏡

I like to peek into the new townhomes that appear around Capitol Hill when I go for a walk.

Here’s the first floor of the model townhome, one of 12 built in two blocks of six, at Capitol Hill’s 13th Ave E and E Roy St.
Prices range from $900,000 (2 bed, 2 bath, 1,195 sq ft) to $1,285,000 (2 bed, 2 bath, 1,930 sq ft).
This building is in a great location but one would have to be able to afford it— and accept features such as the galley kitchen (on the left, at the back of the first floor), and the flights of stairs connecting the three floors.
Reflected in the window from across the street is 1910 landmark building The Maryland, a co-op with 20 units. Right next The Maryland it another 5-story building is under construction.
The open space between the two buildings will feature lovely. I love this cute woolly thyme ground cover plants. Maybe I’ll get some for my own yard. It looks like I will have to find a spot with ‘full sunlight’, though.

Saturday/ rain 🌧️

There was rain today: a nice little late afternoon downpour.
It was only 58°F  (14 °C) when I went out for a walk afterwards.

Spring is coming to a rough ending weatherwise, elsewhere in the country.
Places in southern Florida had been drenched with 24 in. of rain or more over the last few days, and it was 111 °F (44 °C) in Phoenix, Arizona today.

Friday/ playing indoors 🥒

Although the weather was perfect for pickleball today, we had a reservation for the Sandman’s Courts in Columbia City.
We liked the clean surface and well-marked lines a lot.
The selection of background music was excellent and played at just the right volume 🤗.

The amigos played at Sandman’s Courts in Columbia City today.
The facility has two pickleball courts. This one has clean lines, and the other pickleball court has equally clear pickleball lines but also basketball courts lines painted on it.

Wednesday/ pickleball— now also inside 🥒

The amigos played a little pickleball today.
The courts at Mt Baker playground were full today, and we went to Beacon Hill playground instead.

The courts at Beacon Hill playground have beautiful new surfaces and lines.
These courts are just a little more exposed to windy conditions than the ones at Mt Baker playground.
There was a sign up on the fence at Beacon Hill courts, advertising this indoor space in Columbia City, and we went to take a look at it afterwards.
This facility is called Sandman’s Courts— a converted warehouse that now has two beach volleyball (sand) courts, on the far end, and these two pickleball courts.
Yay! Now we can play in rain or shine, rough or fine weather.
These are not free the way the courts at the public parks are— $30 an hour in the daytime for these indoor courts.

Tuesday/ a flea market 🕸

I believe this is a flea, and not an alien! (sticker on the window). ‘Flea market’ is a literal translation of the French “marché aux puces” (an outdoor bazaar in Paris, France), named after those pesky little parasites of the order Siphonaptera that like to infest the upholstery of old furniture and rugs brought out for sale.


The long-abandoned grocery store building on 15th Ave East here in Capitol Hill will host a flea market the weekend after next.

This building will be demolished in another year or two, three— to make way for a proposed 6-story, 172-unit apartment building with retail stores.

The little parking lot is now open daily, but the flea market will only be open on one Saturday and one Sunday, and I guess that’s it.
Maybe the market will be held here again later this summer.
‘Quality Flea’ says the storefront wall and canopy.
A poster in the window.



Saturday/ summer weather ☀️

Happy Saturday.
It felt like summer today here in Seattle (78 °F/ 26 °C) and the sunny weather will continue for several more days.

I found these California poppies by the pickleball courts at Beacon Hill Playfield on Thursday.

Tuesday/ the rain is gone

I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshiny day
It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
Bright (bright) sunshiny day

From the song  I Can See Clearly Now (1972) by American singer-songwriter Johnny Nash.

The rain is gone, and there is a number of sunny days ahead in the forecast.
I believe an inch or so of rain was recorded in the city since Sunday.

A soggy Sunday ☔

It rained all day.
It looks like we will be getting all of June’s normal rainfall (1.45 in) here in the greater Seattle area over the next three days.
Two back-to-back atmospheric rivers are bringing in the precipitation.

Sunday/ 👀 Tesla spotting

Three amigos went out to Bellevue South station to ride the 2 Line light rail train today, and to check out the parking lot at the Tesla Service Center nearby at the Tesla Service Center in Bellevue.

The current end of the 2 Line, Redmond Technology Center station.
Hey! I spotted my first Tesla Cybertruck in ‘the wild’.
This is on Bel-Red Road between Overlake and Bellevue.
At the Tesla Service Center in Bellevue. (Red, white and blue for Memorial Day weekend, right?).
The Cybertruck has a custom after-market matt black wrap on that goes well with the black trim and wheels of the truck.
Heading back home, and crossing Lake Washington with Interstate 90’s floating bridge. The thick blue line on the display means the Full Self Driving (Supervised) function is active.

Wednesday/ rain ☔

We had more than a half inch of rain in the city yesterday, which is a lot for a single day in May.
A tornado struck the small town of Greenfield in Iowa on Tuesday, killing several people and destroying a large part of the town of 2,000 inhabitants.
Elsewhere, across the Great Plains and the US Midwest, there has already been extensive damage from tornadoes this year.

Sunday/ no turns! ⬆️

I walked by the East Madison St – 14th Avenue intersection this afternoon where my Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (Supervised) function made a boo-boo yesterday (just to check it out again).

The green light shapes are ‘Straight Ahead’ arrows, and there is a NO TURNS sign on the beam as well.

Even so, as the car approached the intersection from Madison Street, the FSD turned on the turn signal, and turned left onto 14th Avenue.
There was no oncoming traffic, and I should have tapped the brake or held the steering wheel (to override the FSD controls) to keep going straight.