Happy 4th of July!

It’s the fourth of July here in the United States, and birthday no 240 for the nation that declared its independence of Britain in 1776 on this day (only 13 colonies at the time).  I see there is a movement afoot to decree by law that Washington DC be added as the 51st state (it is not a state but its own federal district).   The idea is endorsed by Pres. Obama and by Hillary Clinton, and the proposal is that the new state be called ‘New Columbia’. The name is disliked by some, though.   (A reference to Christopher Columbus, nowadays more seen as a conqueror than an explorer).

IMG_5941 sm
Check out this American flag themed spatula that I saw on the Today show this morning – for flipping burgers on the fourth of July, and hey, any other day of the year as well ! 

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