Saturday/ construction continues apace

It really is quite incredible7-3-2016 10-33-19 PM to look at a diagram of all the recent and on-going construction projects in downtown Seattle (on the right).  At this time, there are 65 buildings under construction, with the total construction cost estimated at about $3.5 billion.   The two pictures below are from my walk-about late Friday afternoon.

IMG_5862 sm
This is a view looking south from Virginia St & Denny Way. On the left is a 40-story wedge-shaped apartment project called Kinects. Next to it, construction has started (tall yellow crane) on ‘Tilt49’ : a 37-story apartment tower and 11-story office building.  Next to it a Hilton Hotel and office complex, then (with the white frames), Midtown21 is a 21-story office building.  On the far right the is the Aspira apartments building (completed in 2014).
IMG_5905 sm2
.. meanwhile, further towards downtown, one Amazon biosphere (one of three) now has all its panels installed.

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