Friday/ Canada Day and sausage sizzles

Happy Canada Day!  (July 1 is Canada Day).  Elsewhere in the British Commonwealth, down south in Australia where it is already Saturday, the Aussies are eating sausage sizzles* and voting in their 2016 Federal Election.  Australians will wake up on Sunday morning to either a re-elected Turnbull government or one of the biggest coups in federal political history, says the Sydney Morning Herald.  So Malcolm Turbull’s Coalition government is expected to win over the Labor Party of Bill Shorten.

*Voting is mandated by law in Australia, and election day ‘sausage sizzles’ held at polling stations for voters is have become a tradition in Australia.

What’s wrong with this picture? Well, that’s a ‘sausage sizzle’ that Australian Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is biting into, while in western Sydney, and apparently THIS IS NOT HOW IT IS DONE. (It is eaten from one end to the other). Reminds one of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio eating his pizza with a knife and fork during a campaign stop. Photo: Andrew Ellinghausen.

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