Sunday/ Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park here in Seattle is a 19.1 acres public park on the site of the former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant.  It is located on the north shore of Lake Union.  The park contains remnants of the a coal gasification plant that had operated from 1906 to 1956.  The city bought the facility to make a park out of it, which opened to the public in 1975.    Here are some pictures.  I had never been to Gas Works Park (in spite of its hosting of the 4th of July fireworks every year), a situation that had to be corrected immediately !

GW Park
Gas Works Park is located on the north of Lake Union. I marked the location of the Google Seattle office and the Fremont Troll (a cement sculpture under the Aurora Bridge.
IMG_3924 sm
Looking west from the Park toward the Aurora Bridge and the Fremont Cut that connects Lake Union to Puget Sound.
IMG_3927 sm
Another view of the old Gas Works equipment.  
IMG_3918 sm
Parts of the old Gas Works plant’s insides are on display and open to the public as well.  
IMG_3929 sm
These paragliders were just checking out their equipment and getting ‘the hang of it’ on the mound in the park.   I don’t think there is nearly enough elevation there to take off from. 


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