Saturday/ the tallest 20 in 2020

I have not checked up recently on the world’s skyscraper constructions .. so here is an update!   (In another life in another universe I would have been an architect, I believe).  The Kingdom Tower is under construction in Jedda, Saudi Arabia.   It will be the first tower to reach all the way up to 1,000 m with an inhabitable floor count of 167 (2 below ground), and a total height of 252 floors if the uninhabitable ones in the spire of the tower is counted as well.  It is estimated cost is US$ 1.23 billion, and it was designed by American architect Adrian Smith, who also designed Burj Khalifa.

Check out  and Tallest 20 in 2020 for beautiful line drawings of the world’s skyscrapers.

tallest 20
This set of line drawings of skyscrapers is at

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