Monday/ we are in PR1

I am not in San Francisco on the project site, but I am still working on it !  In fact, our code and configuration settings for our solution made it into the production system which is called PR1.  SAP installations are gigantic databases with all kinds of associated database servers, application servers, web servers and other connections.  The PR1 refers to the Production system server installation, and distinguishes it from other supporting installations such as a QAS-Quality Assurance and DEV-Development installation.

Anyway, making it into the Production system after 15 months of work is a big deal.  I thought : I guess we can say our solution has shipped.  ‘Ship’ is a cult word in information technology.  It is the ultimate deadline in a series of deadlines in delivering a new product, or a major upgrade of a product.  There is money involved, and careers, and reputations – all of which could be tarnished with a missed shipping date.   Ouch.

A page from Bloomberg’s ‘What is Code?’ issue from a few weeks ago. Check out the programmer ‘productivity enhancers’ !

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