Sunday/ Bellevue Square

I stopped at Bellevue Square today.  The Apple store in there has been moved into a bigger space.  Weather-wise there was some nice sun breaks and blue sky to be seen today, but it was chilly outside, in the 50s (about 10 C).

At the Apple store. Got to love this giant MacBook Pro with the zebras! (from Africa, I’m sure).  Will something happen if I jump on the keyboard? The real one is the one with the parrot on the screen.
And here is an iPhone5 with a giant display behind it. I suppose I will have to upgrade my two-year old iPhone 4 some time, but I will wait until next year.
This is a beer from Oregon I spotted at the grocery store, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the Hop Czar.

And here is an ale named for Ebenezer (Scrooge), the character in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.
Here’s the blue sky.  These are the new-ish Bellevue Tower condos nearby Bellevue Square. A one-bedroom condo will set you back $500k and a penthouse at the top goes for $2m. I see their website has Russian, Korean and Chinese language options as well. Hmm.


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