Friday/ new substation

Seattle City Light (electrical utility company) is moving ahead with plans for building a new substation in the city, the first one in 30 years.  The site used to be a Greyhound bus maintenance facility a long time ago.  Early planning is that 115kV or 230kV transmission lines will come into the substation.  The three alternatives under consideration are:
– A downtown underground route, primarily along Sixth Avenue
– A route that utilizes the downtown Metro bus tunnel
– An aerial route that crosses I-5 twice and traverses Capitol Hill << this does not sound good! Yes, it’s cheap, but unsightly and not nearly as safe as an underground route.

From Wikipedia : The typical electricity grid. The substation is the green one, and our homes are ‘secondary customers’ that get electricity at 120V or 240V.
Here is a map of the proposed Denny Way substation (part 1). From
Map of the proposed Denny Way substation (part 2). From


I took this picture just a few days ago .. the old Greyhound bus maintenance facility, site of a new substation near Denny Way and Stewart Ave. Now the windows are already out, and I am sure the walls will follow soon. G R E Y H O U N D L I N E S, says the lettering on the building.


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