Thursday/ Washington State is already voting

Washingtonians vote by mail only.  So we have no walk-in polling stations where get ink on your fingers and go into a little voting booth.  The ballots arrive in the mail, and you mail it in, or go put it in a designated ballot box in your area.  I got my ballot in the mail as well, on Thursday.  I don’t think it’s legal to publish a picture of it, so I won’t.  We have lots to vote for!  Of course there is the President to vote for, but we also vote for a Governor, whether to legalize and control marijuana sales, whether to legalize same-sex marriage, and if charter schools should be funded by the state, among other things.

Picture from the election issue of the alternate Seattle newspaper The Stranger. The newspaper fully endorses our tongue-in-cheek ‘Kenyan Muslim overlord President’. I suppose that is him they are depicting, marrying two women in a field of marijuana.
[From Wikipedia] The two heavyweight contenders for President in 2012 ..
[From Wikipedia] .. but these two other candidates have ballot access sufficient to also theoretically win the election by a majority of the electoral college: former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee; and Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee. Virgil Goode will no doubt draw some Tea Party votes away from Mitt Romney in the swing state of Virginia : bad news for the Republicans.
A full blown article in The Stranger pleads with its readers to NOT vote for ‘moderate’ Republican Rob McKenna for Governor.  ‘If is looks like an elephant and walks like an elephant, then it IS an elephant’. (The elephant is the mascot of the Republican Party).






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