Wednesday/ the ‘eagle’ has landed

My new refrigerator arrived early Wednesday morning. The Sears delivery truck blocked the entire street in front of my house. Oh well. And the monster made it through the front door, but only with a special trick : sideways and tilted with the top doors completely open.  The door handles are very stylish and nice to use but they stick out a few inches.  And there it is .. what is this gleaming thing? I still think for a split second when walking into my kitchen. Oh, it’s your new fridge, silly.  And I am so thrilled to close the fridge door and know it is frrosty inside!

It’s shiny! And the top left does take fridge magnets. For now it’s only the crocodile, the hippo and the flower magnet that got to go onto the fridge. We will see how long THAT lasts.
Yes, life is good with a new fridge.
Here’s the chilled water and ice dispenser, with the LCD panel showing the temperatures inside the two main compartments. -1 ºF is -18 ºC and 35 ºF is 2 ºC. It’s cold inside !
Ready to be filled up with all kinds of goodies and some beer, and some drinks. It’s so w-i-d-e inside, since the freezer section is a drawer at the bottom. My old fridge had side-by-side compartments.


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