Tuesday/ Romney’s ‘binders full of women’

It was the second Presidential debate last night and President Obama was FIRED UP.  He won the debate, even though the Republicans say it was a ‘draw’. Uh-huh.

Asked if he would support equal pay for equal work for women, Romney didn’t really answer the question, said he had ‘binders full of women’ (their resumes, that is) when he was governor of Massachusetts.  But he didn’t solicit the resumes.  It was given to him by an equal opportunity group.  He did appoint lots of women to the state government and would have done better to just say that.   Instead the blogosphere and twitterverse lit up with the phrase ‘Binders full of women’.

‘Binders full of Women’ STORY HIGHLIGHTS from CNN
  • NEW: Barack Obama, Joe Biden take on Mitt Romney’s ‘binders’ comments on campaign trail; Romney responds on Twitter
  • Romney’s comments on using “binders full of women” in hiring; contraception could hurt his standing with some women
  • Obama and Democrats rush to paint Romney as someone who doesn’t have the best interests of women in mind
  • Romney will now have to score messaging points on the economy while clarifying stance on women’s health issues
The main page of an impromptu Facebook group inviting a discussion about equal opportunities for women – ‘Binders Full of Women’.


And watch out for the most powerful woman in the USA, Mitt.  The Secretary of State needs to upgrade that Blackberry to an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy III.   (I found the picture with a Google search, not sure who created it).


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