Tuesday/ arrival in NYC

It’s been a long day since I got up at 4.00 am Seattle time to make my 7.00 am flight.  We left Seattle a little late, and there was light rain in New York City when I arrived, but everything went according to plan.    I had dinner with a colleague and then we went for a short walk to Times Square.  We also went down to the World Trade Center site. The 9/11 Memorial had already closed, though.

This is the Airtrain shuttle that runs between the Newark Airport terminals. I am on my way to the Newark Airport train station to catch a train on the New Jersey Transit system to NYC Penn Station.
On the NJ Transit train on the way to NYC Penn Station with very old industrial age structures flashing by.
Here is the main schedule board inside Pennsylvania (Penn) station in New York City.
At the Marriott Residence Inn on 6th Avenue. ‘All pets much be checked in’ would be better, not? Fido cannot check himself in with a ‘woof!’.
The McDonalds by Times Square is right up there with all the other gaudy neon signs and displays.
The corner of 7th Ave and 42nd Street.
The tower at 1 World Trade Center has 3,000 construction workers on site everyday, says a sign there. It is expected to be completed in mid-2013.


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