Wednesday/ midtown Manhattan

It was a long day at the office and we went out for dinner, so I did not have too much time for gallivanting around New York City and gawking at the buildings and the people !

It’s 7.30am and I’m sitting in the lobby waiting for my colleague to walk over to the PwC office. The rain gods smiled on us : dry while we walked over with a big downpour soon after that!
It is so easy to find one’s way with the phone’s GPS and maps. Just plug in the address you want to go to and presto! This is midtown Manhattan, the area directly below Central Park.
A little city park called Bryant Park is close to the hotel. This is a cityscape view from within the park.
This is Times Square, 42nd St and 7th Ave. Check out the New York Police Dept’s Tokyo-style police box right there on a strategic street corner.
There is a Hard Rock Cafe in the historic Paramount building, just off Times Square.
The police on horseback seem to be very popular tourist attractions !


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