Monday/ planes and trains to New York City

I leave very early Tue morning to go to New York City to attend a training course set up by my firm (yes, the old dog can still learn a few new tricks).  I will arrive at Newark Liberty airport, and I need to get right into Manhattan.  I will take several trains to get there :  Newark Airtrain shuttle to the Newark Airport station, the New Jersey Transit to Penn Station in Manhattan, and then the New York subway train to get me to two blocks of the hotel.

The United Airlines website’s New York City picture.
The sprawling New Jersey Transit system. I start at Newark Airport station. And it’s good to know ahead of time there’s a Newark Penn Station and a New York Penn Station, and they are NOT the same!
Once in Manhattan, the New York subway will whisk me where I need to be (well, I make it sound easier than it is. Sometimes it takes a little time just to find out which exit to the street level to take!).


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