Sunday/ the trip’s little acquisitions

And here they are : this past trip’s purchases that I brought back.

Porcelain plate from Shenzhen department store. It cost all of ¥25 (US$4).
Crocodile chases snake chases rat ! .. from Muji store at Hong Kong airport.
And .. the crocodile ate the snake that ate the rat.
Commemorative proof coin set from Hong Kong's 1997 hand-over to China. This is the five-dollar coin - a rounded version of the Chinese character Shou, meaning longevity.
These are the He He brothers, the two saints of Harmony, born of different fathers and after discord of seven generations concluded that co-operation was more profitable and conducive to happiness. (Almost a paralell with The Bible's Cain and Able?).
And this is a unicorn of sorts, the fabled Qi Lin, a creature of good omen.
The Puma T-shirt with an 'airport flight status' display panel. Heaven knows I see enough of those in airports - but I couldn't resist the shirt.
And this piece of baumkuchen layer cake (also from the Muji store at Hong Kong airport) tastes like banana. When I bought it, I thought its description referred to its shape.


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