Saturday/ in Seattle

It’s still Saturday but I’m in Seattle and thrilled to be home. Check out the pictures and their captions from the trip out of Hong Kong with a stop-over in Seoul.

The first ever plane to flew in Hong Kong back in 1910 was this replica of the Farman in Terminal 1 which is called 'Spirit of Sha Tin'.
I always stop at the Japanese store Muji, and I got some 'Japanese Lolly with Plum' candy this time.
Little Korean candies handed out on the flight. That's a walnut, and the others are pastries with a crisp sugary coat.
This cartoon from the Financial Times of London, of Chinese Vice President Xi Linping, wrapping up his visit in the USA this week.
This 747 bird was right next to our gate. We actually took an Airbus Airbus A330-300 out from Seoul to Seattle.
Stepping on board. The gate agent's English name was Zac Efron (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? .. Zac Efron is an American actor and a recent teen-girl heart-throb). )
Our flight path took us over Tokyo. We had a tail wind of 100 mph most of the way!


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