Tuesday/ Seattle Residents’ Night Out

It was nice to be home for a change during the annual ‘Seattle Night Out’ in my neighborhood !  The streets in a group of blocks are closed, and the residents get together right there in the street with food and something to drink and get to meet each other.   The event is promoted by the Seattle Police Department.

I found the crime statistics map on the Seattle Police Dept’s website.  (I live just outside the darkest green area to the east of the city.  Hey – more humans, more crime.  That’s just a fact of life).  The 911 incident map is dotted with symbols that show what trouble humans make for each other.  Serious ones  :  DRIVING WHILE UNDER INFLUENCE (DUI), FIRE, CASUALTY (NON CRIMINAL/TRAFFIC) – MAN DOWN, SICK PERSONS, INJURED, DOA) and less serious ones such as REPORT SUSPICIOUS PERSON, MISCHIEF/ NUISANCE COMPLAINTS, FIGHT DISTURBANCE, PROPERTY DESTRUCTION, SHOPLIFTING, BURGLARY – RESIDENTIAL, UNOCCUPIED.

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