Sunday/ Shenzhen entertainment

Just a few more pictures I collected for fun in Shenzhen over the weekend.

1.   The brand new Don’t go breaking my heart movie (named after the 1976 Elton John-Kiki Dee duet? not sure)  showing in the Golden Harvest Cinema.    I wasn’t brave enough to go and see it (thought it would be all in Chinese) but I see the trailer at   does have English sub-titles (and yes – totally what we would call a chick flick in the USA).

2.  Looks like there’s scuba diving at the start and a cocktail party at the end of the blue line of this schematic of the Shenzhen metro lines  !   The Eiffel Tower is a miniture one, from the Window of the World theme park.

3.  Or there’s always Starbucks for coffee, this board from the location at Coco Park shopping mall .    Here is a partial translation  :    星巴克 xīng ​bā​ kè is Starbucks  and 40 周年 zhōu​nián is 40 th anniversary of Starbucks/ 可可  kě​kě is cocoa and 卡布奇诺kǎ​bù​qí​nuò​ is  cappuccino  –  the drink denoted by the characters in the five pink stars/ 巧克力 qiǎo​kè​lì chocolate –  an ingredient in one of the popsicle cakes/  (T)all  (G)rande (V)enti –  Starbucks for large/ even larger/ and enormous.

4.  The model for a cell phone advertiser on a phone booth on the sidewalk is borrowing the iconic pose  from Marilyn Monroe in movie The Seven Year Itch (1955).

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