Saturday/ a Hong Kong hello

Here’s the view from my hotel room on the 26th floor.  The green hills in the background is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), and the waterway in the background is the border between mainland China and Hong Kong SAR.    So here is how you do it to go to Hong Kong ‘on foot’ from Shenzhen.    Take the Shenzhen Metro to the Luohu Port, walk through the China customs, then Hong Kong customs, then hop on to the Hong Kong Metro.   It is totally worth to pay extra to sit in the First Class compartment, because it’s a 40 min ride into the city.   For me, the Tsim Tsa Tsui station in Kowloon is where you want to go if you only have a few hours.

The last Saturday in March is time for Earth Hour, so the picture  shows a little media event getting ready to watch the skyscrapers across Victoria Harbor go dark.      I walked around some more to check out the people and the scenery in Kowloon.    The ‘Power of Imagination’ billboard is advertising Canon digital cameras.  I love it even though no camera will ever take a picture of a guy dressed in Goth with red roses and ravens in the sky, and penguins and mountain goats in the garden of a 17th century palace.    The next picture is for the movie Sucker Punch, an American action-fantasy flick with an ensemble female cast, shot in Los Angeles and Vancouver.    One of the stars is Jamie Chung, a second-generation Korean American from San Francisco.

And then in the Swindon bookstore I just had to snap the cover picture of the children’s book with the Big Bad Wolf about to eat a surprised little Red Riding Hood with her red cheeks.  The wolf put a big smile on my face  : ).

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