Friday/ escape to Shenzhen

The project team got the weekend off – we needed it!   I could not get a hotel room at a decent rate in Hong Kong because of the Sevens Rugby Tournament there,  so just to get out out my apartment I came to Shenzhen for the weekend.

Pictures . .  Texting ‘We’re stuck in traffic?’ I’m watching you : )  /  Finally arriving at the Hyatt Hotel / Inside the luxury shopping mall by the hotel; no shoppers in sight on a Friday night, though / They are all outside enjoying the spring weather / The Di Wang*building aka Shun Hing Square which I have shown before.. / .. sending out a single green laser beam at times; not sure what the purpose of this is.  In Hong Kong some skyscrapers put on a whole laser show at times/  and as I noted before the ‘King of the Land’ is about to be dethroned by the King Key Financial Plaza building.  That’s the Agricultural Bank of China building in front of it.

*it means King of the Land

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