Sunday/ more Shenzhen buildings

These pictures are from my outing to Shenzhen yesterday.    It was foggy and drizzling, so not the best day to go skyscaper hunting in the city.

From the top down –

Entrance to the Grand Theatre metro station (this is by the mix-C shopping mall) where the cab driver from Dameisha dropped me off  /  ..  and there it is, the King Key Finance Center disappearing into the fog.  Not sure of the name of the building in front of it  /  This is an administrative building of some sort close by / The Shung Hing Square tower (tallest in Shenzhen but about to be overtaken by the King Key Finance Center) / tree with orange spring blossoms at the base of the Shung Hing Square tower/  this is a dorm building for University of Shenzhen students / in the background with the China Southern Power Grid building in the front /  the pink step building might belong to Huatai United Securities (that’s what the billboard on it says)

The next few pictures are from inside the mix-C shopping mall .. a tea seller / a hovercraft demonstrated in Toys-R-Us / a 3D puzzle for the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai / Wonderwoman and Medusa (?) at the MAC cosmetics store .. Pow! take that!

Now outside again .. the World Finance Center is also close by the other two towers the first picture of the base and the next from farther away and finally an Art Deco-y apartment building nearby (with the tree in front of it sprouting little green leaves).

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