Saturday/ picking our poison

‘Pick your poison’ says The Grim Reaper from Thursday’s Korea Times.   So far we have picked coal and natural gas for generating electricity (diagram from the Financial Time’s Thursday edition).     The print ad is from a copy of the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel.   It looks like a generic ad for the natural gas industry ( and and touts a combination of natural gas, solar energy,  heat pumps, fuel cells and what it calls a micro heat-and-power plant for each house that burns natural gas to generate electricity.     Yes, we have plenty of natural gas and it’s a clean-burning fuel but the process of hydraulic fracking to increase the rate of recovery of natural gas from rock and shale formations is said to contaminate ground water and cause air pollution.

I am not going in to work today but I may have to tomorrow.   So I’m off to Shenzhen to go check on the construction of the King Key Finance Center Plaza (and take pictures, of course).

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