Friday morning/ arrived

The flight path actually took us north of  Sendai over the northern tip of the main island Honshu (north of it is Hokkaido island; the other two big ones are Shikoku and Kyushu).      We arrived on time in Seoul.   That’s a shot of Incheon International airport with Korean Air planes,  late Thu afternoon.      I checked my location on the Google Latitude map on my phone just for fun.     The map detail for North Korea is completely blank – not surprisingly so, I guess.

The flight to Hong Kong was another 3 1/2 hrs.    We arrived on time but there was a delay with the baggage, and then a long line at the Hong Kong exit crossing and a luggage inspection for me at the China Mainland entrance crossing.    So it was 1 am by the time Mr Wu stopped with me at the apartment in Dameisha.

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