Wednesday/ Seattle > Seoul > HongKong

Yes, I finally made it to the airport for my next trip out to China.    The system we have worked on for 15 months now will go live on May 1.    The Asiana Airlines check-in is in the far south end of the Seatac airport’s upper level, where I found this airplane.

Today I fly to Seoul and then to Hong Kong and we fly over Japan (!), so I even with all the information I have regarding a realistic view of the risks of radiation exposure I am still interested in the exact flight path we will take.   I found Monday’s flight path on    It does look like an adjustment was made to avoid flying directly over the area where the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is.   But 1. the radiation levels are reportedly down anyway and 2. the wind direction has been such that it has blown most of the radioactive particles out over the Pacific, anyway.   (There is even a headline question Seattle Times : Is the US West Coast at risk?  Answer : no, no – NO).

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