Sunday/ the St. Ingbert apartments

There were beautiful soft grays and pinks in the blue sky today at sunset.
I made my way down all along Harrison Street, towards the Interstate 5 overlook by Melrose Avenue.
The St. Ingbert apartments is right there by Harrison and Melrose.

The St. Ingbert apartment building was constructed in 1928 with Art Deco detail. The architect is not known. St. Ingbert is a reference to the hometown of the builder (Ludwig J. Hellenthal), a town named Sankt Ingbert in Saarland, Germany. Sankt Ingbert is very close to the French border.
Look for the Space Needle in the distance, and the blue spires of Saint Spiridon Orthodox Cathedral to its right, just above Interstate 5.
Art Deco detail at an entrance to the St. Ingbert apartments. I should have taken a closer picture of the very cool lettering on the glass, at the very bottom of the picture. I will do that when I walk by there again.

4 Replies to “Sunday/ the St. Ingbert apartments”

    1. hi Dale, thanks for the message!
      Yes, it’s interesting to me, the connections between people, places and buildings :).
      Enjoy the warm weather there and be sure to take good care of yourself.
      All the best for the new year that is about to start!
      I really hope it will turn out to be a better one than 2020.

  1. I lived there from 1983-1985, studio rent was 250 a month. nice n quiet. my 1st apt ever. I was 20 yrs old..Now I live , after coming back, 4 blocks away after running all over the country. I of course tried to get in here, but No go.. would have a been a trip.

    1. Interesting, to hear about the rent in the 80’s, thanks for the message.
      I trust coming back to the city after so many years, and seeing all that has changed, was not too much of a shock!
      And nowadays we have long stretches of really warm weather as well, and no air conditioning in many homes and apartments. 🙁
      Stay cool.

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