Saturday/ all quiet on the Pacific Northwestern front

I walked down to Cal Anderson Park today. It is open again after some 6 months. The illegal shelters and tents have now been removed. Crews have done overdue ground maintenance, building repairs, graffiti removal, and litter pick-up.

When and how to address the multiple other locations with homeless encampments around the city, is still an on-going and intractable challenge, though.

The entrance on the northeastern corner of the park, at Denny Way & 11th Avenue.
The new apartment buildings along Broadway and by the Capitol Hill light rail station are nearing completion.
The reflection pool and the reservoir pump house.
Looking back at the pump house from a position near the playground on the south end.
The tennis courts were converted to a more general purpose space several years ago. A guy was making turns around the court on his electric unicycle.
Powerful and tall flood lights, viewed from the southeastern corner of the playing field. I wish we had lights like these on more tennis courts around the city in winter time! The back of the batting cage has Christmas stockings, with the names of black people killed by the police. It says ‘I won’t be home for Christmas … Black Lives Still Matter’.

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