Sunday/ day trip to Salzburg

Here’s the route: Munich main station to Salzburg main station. It’s pretty flat most of the way, and Rosenheim is the biggest town on the way there. The railroad also passes close by a few lakes.

I took the train to Salzburg (just over the border in Austria, birthplace of Mozart*) today.  It’s just under two hours one way.  I was somewhat surprised not to find U-bahns, nor trams, in Salzburg at my arrival.  From the main station, the way to get around is by bus.  (The old town is nearby, and a 15 minute walk).

*I did stop at Mozart’s house. It’s now a museum, of course.  Classical music barbarian that I am, and pressed for time, I did not go inside, though.

Munich’s Hauptbahnhof (main station) has a low-key main entrance. Smoking is not allowed inside the train station, so this is where all the smokers are!
Here’s the Salzburg Hauptbahnhof (main station) platforms. The train station departure hall roof structure were refurbished in 2014.
The old entrance to the Salzburg hauptbahnhof. (Hmm. I’m really not sure what the purpose of the gray column is that obstructs the view of the front entrance, and if it really needed to be put right there!).
Here’s the Parish Church St. Andrä with its stately and square bell towers at Mirabell Platz in Salzburg old town. This is not the original church, though. The original church was rebuilt and consecrated in 1898. Most of that church was destroyed in WW2 and reconstructed again by 1949. Even after that, in the late 60s/ 1970 the towers were shortened and covered with flat pyramid-shaped roofs to make it fit better into the Salzburg cityscape !
This is the Dreifaltigkeitskirche (Church of the Holy Trinity, a Roman Catholic Church), on Makartplatz. It opened in 1702. The big picture is mine, but it was impossible to get a good far-away picture, so I pasted one in on the bottom right that I found on-line.
This elaborate metal art sign belongs to the Gablerbräu Restaurant & Beer Inn old city Salzburg.
Just a block of apartments off Schallmooser Hauptstrasse (I wandered off in an uncharted non-tourist direction). The building’s straight lines were a welcome relief from the old Gothic and Renaissance buildings in old town.
Oh wow! I stumbled on an an art museum, I thought – this is on Schallmooser hauptstrasse. But no, it is an ärtztzentum, meaning a medical (doctors’) center.


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