Thursday/ going home

It’s good to know when I’m out on the road that Thursday will come soon enough, and that I would get to go home .. and so it was today again.  The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train station not even a block away, and catch the train to the airport.  I still have not had a ride in the brand new train cars, though. I see BART’s goal is to order more than 1,000 new train cars. Whoah!  So maybe sometime soon!

Those are downtown Seattle’s buildings, reflecting the setting sun’s light and splashing it onto Puget Sound’s waters. Clockwise from the aircraft engine : West Seattle jutting out into Puget Sound; the Space Needle, Lake Union, the SR 520 bridge across Lake Washington, the I-90 bridge across Lake Washington and Mercer Island, and cranes in the Port of Seattle.
This is Seattle-Tacoma Airport’s Main Terminal at our arrival around 6 pm tonight.

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