Friday’s news/ The End Is Near

Clockwise from the top left : Melania Trump made a rare public speech on the campaign trail, pledging to fight cyber bullying if she becomes first lady (start with your husband, please); it also turns out she worked illegally, on a tourist visa, when she first came to the USA in 1996 from Slovenia; the FBI is in the dog-box for inserting itself in the 2016 campaign with vague announcements about on-going investigations into Hillary’s e-mails; hey! I have a pot shop two blocks from my house now (Uncle Ike’s); The End is Near (Tuesday Nov 8 the world could come to an end); 160k jobs in Oct – not bad; but the Dow is jittery with The End that’s Near, has dropped 9 straight days, most days in a row since 1980.  Better to take the long view : +47% the last five years.


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