Monday/ to San Francisco

Another week started in San Francisco for me.  I went for a nice walkabout during lunch time. Sunny but mild outside (57° F/ 13° C), so light jacket weather – to ward off the wind chill from the breeze from the ocean.

It was foggy at Seattle-Tacoma airport this morning. This is shortly after 7 am as we are getting pushed back from the gate.
This sign is posted in the Embarcadero station. Finally! some new train cars are about to replace the 40-year old train cars from the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).
This is the Royal Insurance Building at 201 Sansome Street. It is a San Francisco landmark. The Georigan Revival ornament is white marble.
The Mills Building in the Financial District is another San Francisco landmark. The building across the street (in the reflection) is the Russ Building. It houses the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

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