Sunday train jaunt


There are two great bookstores withing walking distance of the University of Washington train station : the University book store and the Amazon bookstore.  There are smaller second-hand bookstores in the University District as well.

Today, I walked to the Capitol Hill station, and Bryan (friend) and I took the new light rail extension to the University of Washington. It’s a bit of a walk (a mile) to the Amazon bookstore from there, but hey, walking is good exercise, right?

This is at the Capitol Hill station, checking out the south-bound train from the University of Washington that had just arrived. ‘Don’t hang by the door’ says the monkey on the door. It really means ‘don’t be in the way, when people need to get in and out’. When the train is full, you sometimes have no choice but to stand by the door!
Cool books in the Science section at the Amazon bookstore. If you scan the barcode with the Amazon app on your smartphone, the book comes right up in your Amazon cart, and then you can choose to buy the paper book or the e-book. (It’s nice to be able to paw through the paper book first with one’s grubby hands, and see what you will be getting when you buy the e-book!).

On Monday mornings, I have to leave the house just a little too early to be able to take the train to the airport (so I take a taxi or Uber car instead) .. but when I come in to the airport on Thursdays, I can take the train all the way up to Capitol Hill.


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