Monday/ bus, train, plane, rental car

IMG_6262 sm
The No 10 bus that I am on, is taking me to the Capitol Hill train station. The bus looks like the one in the picture. (It’s an ‘all-electric trolley bus’).
IMG_6265 sm
Here’s Capitol Hill train station, with a southbound train on the left and a northbound train on the right. (I’m about to get onto the southbound one to the airport).

Hey! I took the early evening flight out to San Francisco today, and could take the light rail train from my Capitol Hill neighborhood to the airport.

IMG_6274 sm
We had just landed at San Francisco airport. Here’s a London-bound British Air 747 at the gate, and in the distance with the striped tail-fin is an Air France jetliner.

Alas, when I had arrived at San Francisco airport, it was the end of public transportation.  I rented a car, since there is no easy way to get from my hotel to the project office.

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