Saturday/ art in the Park

Here are some iPhone pictures of works of art that were on display at Volunteer Park here in my neighborhood on Saturday night.   The exhibit was called Lusio and organized by artist Mollie Bryan.

IMG_6248 sm2
These nine animated panels displayed little tiles of pink, teal and other pastels in a random scrolling pattern.
IMG_6247 sm2
Hmm. Eye in the dark?
IMG_6246 sm2
This metallic sunflower displayed changing patterns in the center. This one looks like two DNA strands to me.
IMG_6245 sm2
I think this is called a stellated tetrahedron : a pyramid (four sides) at the core, with the base of four more pyramids on each of the core’s sides.
IMG_6244 sm2
Glow-in-the-dark mushrooms.
IMG_6243 sm2
And this is a crystal water fountain made from candle holders and other crystal ware, from what I can tell.

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