Tuesday/ #Tea Musa

8-2-2016 10-49-31 PM
Some Musa Tea for you? From the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The International Olympics Committee and Team USA are informing corporations that the Olympic rings and the Twitter hashtags #teamusa and #Rio2016 are copyrighted and not to be used by corpprations. So on Monday night Stephen Colbert ‘introduced’ his new ‘tea’ called Musa Tea (grown on the ‘Musa Mountain’), and displayed the hashtag #TEAMUSA on the screen. Yes, the IOC Is a money making machine, but money (or the lack of spending it in the right places?) could not fix dangers such as the Zika virus, sewage in the swimming and sailing water (‘keep your mouth closed’ is the advice), uninhabitable Olympic housing and crime. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to the Olympics and hope it goes well.  The world needs it to go well.


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