Tuesday/ lunch at the Westin

I met my brother and nephew for lunch on Tuesday.  We picked the swank Westin Hotel restaurant in the city’s Foreshore district.   My nephew ordered a chocolate milkshake (not on the menu) to go with his lunch – and to their credit, they were up to it. ‘It will just take a little time’, said our server.

IMG_4026 sm
Here’s the view towards Table Mountain from the 19th floor of the Westin Hotel.  To the right of Table Mountain is Lion’s Head, and on the far right is Signal Hill.  I used to work (this was in 1994!) in the Metlife Centre building on the left. The bulge is really a 180° viewing bay on each floor, looking out over Cape Town harbor.
16040276 sm
The Westin is all glass and steel, with vanishing edges on this side. The Metlife Centre building is the one in the reflection. The Cape Town International Convention Centre is right across from the Westin.
16040263 sm
This statue of Bartolomeu Dias is close to the Convention Center. Dias was an explorer and a nobleman of the Portuguese royal household. He sailed around the southernmost tip of Africa (what is today known as Cape Town) in 1488, reaching the Indian Ocean from the Atlantic, the first European known to have done so. [Source : Wikipedia].
IMG_4035 sm
Some very African motifs from the lobby of the Cape Town International Convention Center. There are baobab trees (thick trunk with round fruit), gazelles and an elephant.


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